Reviews and Endorsements

“The Bible tells us often to ‘behold,’ and Kim Daus-Edwards is an unusually discerning beholder. She looks at the world with sensitivities that are sharpened by spiritual and theological insights, and in doing so she helps the rest of us to see movements of the Spirit that we would have otherwise missed. Force of the Spirit is a gift to all of us who are willing to behold the world in new ways.”

-Dr. Richard Mouw, President, Fuller Theological Seminary, Pasadena, California, U.S.A.

“Kim Daus-Edwards is divinely inspired and gifted to bring the art of photography closer to Christian faith and make our imaginations touch the beauty of God’s love and grace. The photographs in this book make you travel deeper within your soul and help you see God’s fingerprints in every aspect of life. They boost up your imagination and guide you into grace. They help you to believe that even in little things, life can be beautiful. I recommend this book, an art gallery of beauty and passion, to every one who wants to be inspired and blessed.”

-Samuel Lee, Founder and President, Samuel Lee World Evangelism, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

"Kim Daus-Edwards has captured the grandeur of God's creation in photos and expressed it in breathtaking prose as well. Her book is graphic proof that art and faith complement each other."

-Pat Nolan, President, Justice Fellowship, Lansdowne, Virginia, U.S.A.

As a visual communicator I am instantly attracted to Kim Daus-Edwards' work. At a first glance the quality of her photographs appeals to the eye and the viewer quickly appreciates the aesthetic value of each image, but stay focused for a second look and the message behind every photograph soon begins to penetrate your heart and soul. Her thought provoking text causes you to stop and ponder the awesome gentleness of our creator. In this book, Kim uses the creative medium of photography to invite us to experience the gentle 'Force of the Spirit,' and causes us to thirst for a deeper intimacy with our heavenly Father.”

-Diane Vermooten, International Chairperson for the College of Communication, University of the Nations, Cape Town, South Africa

"Daus-Edwards' evocative photographs awaken our spirits and invite in the Spirit. They are for her a form of prayer. For me, they were an epiphany!"

-Robert K. Johnston, Professor of Theology and Culture, Fuller Theological Seminary, Pasadena, California, U.S.A., Author, Reel Spirituality